Emerald Pearl

Origin: Norway

Blue Pearl (LG)

Origin: Norway

Emerald Pearl

Origin: Norway

Blue Pearl (DB)

Origin: Norway

Silver Pearl

Code: GR-NSP
Origin: Norway

Royal Blue

Code: GR-RB
Origin: Norway

Physically, Commercial granites are Hard, Compact rocks with fine to coarse grains of metamorphic or igneous origin.

Hardness 6 to 7 on Mohs Scale
Density 2.6 to 2.8 Kg/cm3
Compressive Strength 140 to 210 N/mm2
Modulus of Rupture 15 to 25 N/mm2
Water Absorption 0.1-0.6%
Average Wear Less than 1%
Porosity Quite low
Weather Impact Resistant

Chemically, they are igneous/metamorphic rocks composed of quartz, feldspar & ferromagnesian minerals like kiloliter, chlorite, garnet, etc. Typical granite will have following chemical composition:

Silica (SiO2) 70-75%
Al2O3 10-15%
CaO+MgO Less than 0.5%
FeO + Fe2O3 2-4%
Alkalies 4-6%
TiO2 Less than 0.5%
Loss On Ignition (LOI) Less than 0.5%

Other detail:

SLABS Gang saw and Cutter
CUT TO SIZE 30X30,30X60,60X60,60X120,120X120 and others
FINISHES Polished, Leather, Honed, Flamed, Antique, bush hammered, Flamed & brush etc.